Welcome to the free Sudoku games of the day. As you fill in the numbers, be sure that no two of the same number appear in the same column or row. The object of the logic-based number puzzle game known as "classic Sudoku" is to enter a number between one and nine digits into each grid cell. To exercise your brain, you receive 5000+ tough Sudoku puzzles every day, and we add 100 new puzzles each week. Brain Sudoku for both novice and expert gamers!

How to play

Solving Sudoku of the Hard and Medium levels frequently involves using certain strategies. For medium Sudoku puzzles, the rules stay the same. In each of the nine 3x3 squares, each line, and each column, the number from one to nine can only occur once. The only change is the quantity of figures that were first displayed.

10,000+ traditional number games are available on, and there are six different levels of difficulty: quick, easy sudoku, medium, hard sudoku, expert, and huge! Play simple sudoku to develop your reasoning skills, memory, and focus, or try medium and difficult sudoku to really challenge your brain.


  • Finish daily sudoku challenges to earn special awards
  • Participate in seasonal events and complete sudoku puzzles to get special medals.
  • Put yourself to the test by identifying your errors, or turn on Auto-Check to catch them as you go.
  • To take notes just like you would on paper, turn on Notes. Your notes are immediately updated each time a cell on the sudoku puzzle grid is filled in!
  • To prevent repeating numbers in a row, column, or block, highlight duplicates.
  • When you get stuck on a sudoku free problem, hints can help you move through the difficult sections.

A well-liked traditional number game to exercise your brain is Sudoku. Have fun solving sudoku every day!

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