Word Wipe
Word Wipe
Word Wipe

Word Wipe

Word Wipe

Let's play Word Wipe, the newest free online puzzle game, and show off your language skills by matching letters to make valid words within the time limit. Remove complete lines and reach the indicated goal.

Word Wipe is a game that tests the player's agility in finding and quickly combining crosswords into meaningful words. The crosswords will be arranged in any direction: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. With each successfully created word, that word will be disappear from the screen. Reducing the letters above will give player unique and creative ways to play. The difficulty gradually increases with each round that the player completes, which will make this game get more and more interesting and challenging.

How to Play

It's easy to get started with this word puzzle game. 

A helpful tip for players to win Word Wipe is to do a quick search and match random crosswords into valid words. The tiles above the wiped-out word will drop down, giving you extra chances to find words. Crosswords from above will fall to create new words that require players to continue thinking and conquering. You can match the crosswords in any direction with a minimum length of three characters.

Time Limit

Word Wipe's difficulty is determined by the amount of time spent playing. Each level of play will be arranged from easy to difficult in terms of word count and time level. Therefore, your task is to be highly focused to quickly achieve your goals. The more you go to new levels, the higher your task is to clear the number of rows. After you eliminate the lines, the game rewards you with a bomb that destroys the part of your choice.


At the end of each level, you will get a statistics table that organizes your playing results. With these interesting stats, you can easily track your progress. From there, players can derive more groundbreaking new rules and strategies.

An easy game for everyone

Word Wipe is suitable for all ages, especially those who like to play with words, love creativity and love to explore and conquer new things. A special thing about the Word Wipe game is that you will have more creative word combinations due to looser rules compared to other games of the same genre. These combinations vary depending on the words you choose to eliminate.

If you'd like to compete with your friends or simply wish to best your own high score in the Word Wipe game, you need a lot of playing time to practice and learn new playing tips and tricks. We hope that through hours of playing Word Wipe, you can train your brain's sharp thinking.

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