Wordle, a word guessing game with a basic 6x5 grid layout, has amassed a massive global player community, with over 2 million daily players. Playing the game can let you pick up new words without you realizing it. There is no greater advantage than having a fun activity that also forces you to think critically and expands your vocabulary. In games, as in life, practice makes perfect.

How to play

Wordle may be played by everyone and is a lot of fun. Everyone, from kids to adults, is welcome to join in the fun. Using a straightforward 6x5 grid layout. To win the puzzle game, you need to guess the right answer a maximum of 6 times per day, using only 1 word. With each successive attempt, the percentage of right answers will decline by one shade of gray, one shade of yellow, and one shade of green.


The objective of this game is to correctly identify the secret word within 6 trials. For each line, enter a 4- to 11-letter term that contains some or all of the target letters. Depending on the word you enter, one of three colors will be used to highlight the letters.
Differentiating by color:

  • The intended word doesn't contain that letter.
  • A letter is present in the word, but it is in the wrong place.
  • It's in the right place in the word and all caps.
  • You need to correctly guess the secret word to win (all letters are green).

Tips And Tricks

Given that this is, at heart, a guessing game, success depends on identifying the correct word with as few guesses as possible. If you're trying to guess your next word, there are a few things you may do to give yourself a leg up:

Don't use the grayed-out letters again. Below the Wordle panel, the alphabet is displayed in green, yellow, and gray. Don't recycle those grayed-out letters. This becomes readily apparent when you realize that the target for the next row is a five-letter word that does not contain any of the letters you had tried.

Avoid the yellow letters in the same spot if you want to keep your remaining options open. Take the same letter twice in a word, as a reminder. Just because one letter of a word is highlighted in green does not automatically preclude it from appearing elsewhere in the same word.