Stick Soccer 3D
Stick Soccer 3D
Stick Soccer 3D

Stick Soccer 3D

Stick Soccer 3D

Stick Soccer 3D has been updated. It's a tournament-style soccer game in the vein of arcade classics, and your goal is to win every match in the tournament. Different soccer teams and strategies are available in this game. Take the trophy home in one piece!

How to play

The new sports game Stick Soccer 3D challenges you to lead your side to glory in the greatest soccer competition ever! You'll need to dribble and apply strategies like you would in an actual game. As a football fan. You may expect to see a wide variety of teams, strategies, and venues in this game. You may play this by yourself. You're free to begin a football game at any time, and fast mode is available. If you dominate the Tournament mode, you might get a magnificent trophy for your efforts. Prove your mastery of physics and see which of your players will emerge victorious. Best of luck!


  • Illustrations that are both colourful and varied.
  • There are numerous ways to play the game.
  • Access a collection of aesthetically pleasing football stadiums.
  • Competition between well-known groups
  • Score big and dominate the rankings.


  • To take a shot, select a player by clicking and holding the Left Mouse Button on him or her, then moving the mouse to the desired target.
  • In 2-player mode, it's the same.
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