Stack Maze
Stack Maze
Stack Maze

Stack Maze

Stack Maze

Stack Maze is a brainteaser. Accumulating squares under your feet is essential for progressing up the many rungs of the game's ladder system. During this time, you must use your discretion. Get to the treasure box by completing a variety of mazes, dodging traps and gathering all the tiles. To complete each level, can you gather enough stacks?

How to play

The goal of the game is to complete each level by making it to the checkpoint at the very end of the stage. For maximum points, it's best to stack as many tiles under yourself as possible. This game is controlled by clicking the "start" button, and it's played using a mouse. Move your character by swiping the mouse in the direction you wish to go. In order to go through the levels, your character will collect tiles and place them in a pile underneath them. Once the goal is reached, the character will keep moving forward until the stack of tiles reaches its end. If your character stops at a certain value, you'll get that many points in addition to whatever you've already accumulated through collecting stacks. New outfits for your characters are just the beginning of the rewards you can earn. I hope you enjoy yourselves.


  • Bright, realistic 3D images
  • Multiple playable personalities
  • a plethora of enjoyable stages to conquer
  • Accessible settings
  • Various loot tiers from chests

Test your mettle and take on the world in one of the numerous free online skill games we provide! Enjoy!

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