OMG Word Swipe
OMG Word Swipe
OMG Word Swipe

OMG Word Swipe

OMG Word Swipe

Word search puzzles of varying difficulty and variety that are surprisingly addicting. Playing the puzzle game Omg Word Swipe is a great way to expand your vocabulary. Discover the meanings of each word on the list to advance to the next round. Trust me, you'll enjoy it here.

How to play

Intent on gauging your mental mettle? Next, see if you can beat the brand new and challenging puzzle game OMG Word Swipe. Create a word by swiping and linking the letters in the individual cubes. Get the answer by locating all the necessary words. Gain more points by taking fewer shots. Your tips should be used to uncover a letter in the secret word. There are 12 challenges in each pack, all related to a different theme. Words that appear above the board may be formed by swiping over the letters. If you've followed the instructions for OMG Word Swipe correctly, you'll be rewarded with points and advanced to the next, more challenging level.

Tips and Tricks

You'll be presented with a block of letters; using the mouse, you'll have to swipe and draw lines between them to form the right words and complete the level. You may spend your points to purchase hints, but keep in mind that each one will deduct points from your total, so use them sparingly.

You can earn a total of three stars every level, with the first star being the minimum requirement. In order to complete each level, you will be given a set of letters in a block and asked to use the mouse to draw lines between them to form words.

Key feature

Use your finger to form words; over a hundred challenging levels; minimalist cartoon visual style


Drag the letters together with a swipe. Figure out what must be said.

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