Magic Pom
Magic Pom
Magic Pom

Magic Pom

Magic Pom

A sweet casual puzzle game is Magic Pom. To learn more about them, these poms invite you to visit their home. Are you willing to join in the fun and play a game of match three with them?

How to play

A vibrant and enjoyable adventure is waiting for you in Magic Pom! Your goal is the same as that of other games in your genre. To get points and complete the goals in each level's time restriction, connect three or more like Poms. Before the timer runs out, you must connect 3 the same poms to score points and finish the task. The game's goal is displayed at the top of the screen when it first launches. The timer is also visible above that. You must connect three poms that are near to one another and are identical. You cannot draw a line connecting two creatures if there is another creature in between the three that you want.

Remember that joining 5 poms together will produce a unique one that can be utilized to free those who are stuck inside a bubble. Each level's objectives are flexible. Do you believe you will succeed in finishing every level and filling the magic bar at the bottom of the screen? Lucky you!

Key Feature

- You can obtain a variety of Poms and Powers. 

- More than 200 levels are accessible, and each stage requires linking three or more Poms.

- To gain more points, activate the magic.


Gain points by linking Poms together and completing the goals to advance to the next level! Purchase new playable abilities and more adorable Pom bundles.

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