Healing Rush
Healing Rush
Healing Rush

Healing Rush

Healing Rush

Healing Rush is a relaxing idle game in which you take on the role of a new hospital's chief physician. The hospital's healing service has been extremely busy recently. Strange illnesses have afflicted the populace; let us get to work on healing them!


Only you can help, therefore don't waste time grabbing and stacking the proper medicine to administer to your patients. Patients who are grateful for your healing will pay you cash, so hurry to collect as much gold as possible to unlock more rooms, employ new doctors, and upgrade your staff. Demonstrate that you are the best head doctor in town by constructing the best hospital in town!

Your hospital is brand new, but as the chief physician, you still have a lot to learn: use coins to unlock new rooms and take on new tasks. Remember to hire and improve your doctor staff to assist you in treating your patients' difficult and unusual conditions.

Features of the game include: 

  • Enjoyable and simple gameplay – simple to learn but a lot of fun!
  • Player doctor skins – don't just wear the medical coat all the time; unlock all the different designs!
  • A variety of rooms to unlock and upgrade – create the best hospital!
  • In-App Purchases (IAPs) to remove advertisements and earn extra prizes
  • High-quality 3D visuals for a pleasurable experience
  • Regular updates – keep an eye out for new features!
  • In this simple but addictive idle healing game, hurry up and choose the proper treatment to heal your patients!
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