Guess the path
Guess the path
Guess the path

Guess the path

Guess the path

There are numbers involved in Guess the Path game. Fill in the entire grid by making lines between the individual number boxes. Locate the most effective link between them logically. Complete games as quickly and accurately as possible for maximum points. It's easy at first, but getting a high score becomes challenging as the grid size grows. Enjoy!

How to play

Connecting the dots between the low and high numbers is the objective of this problem. There must be a connection between each successive number, so they should be placed in close proximity to one another. You can play it safe by beginning on the outside tiles and working your way in, but this strategy won't always work, especially on levels with a greater total number of tiles. When faced with a more challenging level, careful planning is essential. Diamonds can be spent to purchase hints and advance the game if you get stuck. Gain numerical expertise by completing all levels!


  • A tranquil, pastel colour scheme
  • Scores of intriguing Challenges
  • Worsening difficulty
  • Acquiring better puzzle-solving abilities
  • Offers mobile access

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