Dream Life
Dream Life
Dream Life

Dream Life

Dream Life

Take a step in the direction of your dreams in Dream Life. Your future home, complete with all of your ideal features, is now in your hands. You and your mom should put in a lot of effort to attain your objectives and buy a nice house.

How to play

This game combines a series of hard-match games with a heartwarming narrative. You'll be tasked with playing a series of match-3 games, where the objective is to remove rows or columns of identical tiles by dragging and dropping them.

Beat the match-3 stages to unlock the goodies by rearranging the items to make pairs and eliminating them. Do some remodeling with the money you've saved up, and you'll finish up with the home of your dreams!


  • Find a home for the three of a kind by matching their colors!
  • Line up four of the same-colored cubes to launch a rocket.
  • Form an "L" using pieces of the same color to make a "bomb."
  • Use the missile you build by matching four of the same colored elements in a square.
  • Line up five objects of the same color to make a rainbow ball!

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