Card Shuffle Sort
Card Shuffle Sort
Card Shuffle Sort

Card Shuffle Sort

Card Shuffle Sort

Card Shuffle Sort is a bright and enjoyable puzzle game in which players attempt to arrange cards into piles according to their colors. You may spend hours playing this game because it has dozens of card colors and tasks to choose from.

How to play

You should focus solely on the hues and tones. Your goal here is uncomplicated. Coins can be won by stacking 10 cards of the same color. You'll start with a maximum of three available spots. When you click the "DEAL" button at the bottom, more cards will be added to these areas. Put the cards in the appropriate places based on their colors. A stack of 10 cards of the same color can be shifted to the bottom slot. You can get some money from this. More spaces can be unlocked with these currencies. Gems can be obtained through the completion of certain tasks. You'll need gems to access those particular slots. More card colors will be revealed as more slots become available. Just enjoy yourself!


  • Animated, colorful, and 2D
  • Playing cards come in a wide variety of hues
  • there are many of quests to do
  • User-friendly interface
  • Gameplay that is both engaging and engrossing

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