Bubble Queen Cat
Bubble Queen Cat
Bubble Queen Cat

Bubble Queen Cat

Bubble Queen Cat

Bubble Queen Cat is a visually stunning and challenging 2D bubble shooter game. The same bubbles must be broken now to complete the level and advance. To save cats, can you assist her through a series of increasingly difficult levels?

How to play

The goal is to reach the end of each stage with the highest possible score. There will be moments when you have to free a particular number of cats from bubbles, and other times when you have to clear a given number of bubbles. Grouping three or more bubbles of the same color will pop them. There are four unique power-ups available. You'll need these power-ups more and more as you play through the more difficult stages you'll find later on. Can you beat the game in its entirety?


  • Animated, colorful, and 2D
  • There is a wide range of difficulty
  • Multiple challenges to overcome, four unique abilities to acquire and use
  • Interesting playtime
  • Easy-to-use interface

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