World's Hardest Game
World's Hardest Game
World's Hardest Game

World's Hardest Game

World's Hardest Game

Extreme timing and lightning-fast reflexes are required to succeed at World's Hardest Game, a complex maze game. When it comes to difficulty, The World's Hardest Game is unrivaled. Anyone who can beat the World's Hardest Game deserves to be recognized as a hero. Do you have what it takes to win the World's Hardest Game? Try to get as far as you can and if you get stuck, refer to the hints we've provided.

How to play

In World's Hardest Game, you'll face different difficulties at each stage. In some cases, you'll need to respond swiftly, while in others, you'll want to take things a little more slowly. The red square will obey your commands. There are blue circles you need to avoid and yellow ones you should collect. You can go to the next level by heading to the green beacon once you have collected all of the yellow circles. Gather all of the coins strewn over the level, otherwise, you will not be able to proceed. You have 30 stages to accomplish in this game of unimaginable proportions and you need to do it in as few tries as possible. It's possible that some are traveling quickly while others move more slowly. After you've completed every stage, you'll be able to submit your final score.


  • It's the hardest game in the world, for real.
  • The feeling of accomplishment at finishing a tough level is immense.
  • Unique and well-liked Flash-era game.
  • Try your hand at this easy but highly addictive activity.


Use the arrow keys or the touchscreen to navigate.

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