English word game Wordmeister is comparable to Scrabble. To begin the game, pick the character that best fits your personality. To earn points, form words on the board using the available letters.

How to play

Both players are given a letter at random at the beginning of the game. First turn goes to the player whose letter appears first in the alphabet. To create a word, arrange your letters on the board. Each letter in your words has a score, and they can be two or more characters long. The more challenging letters typically have a higher value. Wordmeister accepts any word from the official Scrabble dictionary. When there are no more tiles available or when neither player can form a word, the game is over.

Word and letter bonuses

  • You'll see that the board has squares of various colors. The following benefits are offered by them:
  • The letter on the square's value is doubled by the color blue.
  • Green = increases the letter's value on the square by three times.
  • Orange doubles the word's value.
  • Red = increases word value by three times.
  • You're at a loss for words.

If you're truly lost, you can replace as many letters as you like with new ones throughout your turn. To spark your imagination, you can also shuffle the letters or skip your turn. Wordmeister is a daily game that can be played once a day or play as many times as you want without the daily limit.

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