Word Sauce
Word Sauce
Word Sauce

Word Sauce

Word Sauce

Word Sauce is a sauce made up of several different words that you make up. You have a lot to accomplish in this disorganized restaurant. How do you plan to tackle it all by yourself? There's a very easy explanation for that. Follow the instructions, win the game, and the floor will be so clean you can dine off of it for dinner.

How to play

Your grandfather has asked for your assistance in reopening the restaurant, and you eagerly agree to do so. Word games are the only way to accomplish this goal. Start your journey by clicking the spritely green arrow on the right. Count how many letters each word needs to be included in the puzzle. Discover all the coded messages conveyed by letter combinations! In addition to randomizing your clicks, you can choose to click on the letters in the specified order. To earn more cookies, make as many words as possible. You'll get rewarded with every seven cookies you eat. You can earn coins and a star at the conclusion of each puzzle stage. You can do chores around the house if you have enough stars, and you can use coins to customize your look or decorate your home. Tasks are listed in the notebook on the left. Let's see how well you know your words now!

Key Feature

  • Gameplay that is easy to pick up and play. 
  • Try to decipher coded messages by utilizing the letters given. 
  • Find a few more words, get some free gold. 
  • If you invite your friends, you can win rewards every day! 
  • Find out what your friend knows, or use hints to figure it out on your own. 
  • The game is available on Facebook, Android, iOS, and Amazon.


Put the letters in order to spell out the phrases!

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