Vampires and Garlic
Vampires and Garlic
Vampires and Garlic

Vampires and Garlic

Vampires and Garlic

Garlic And Vampires game with your buddies, play a fun Halloween-themed game! Vampires are back, and Halloween has arrived. What dislike vampires? Garlic! Throw some garlic at the bothersome vampires. Play the no-download, free game Vampires and Garlic with the family.

How to play

Vampires and Halloween are here. What are vampires opposed to Garlic. Toss annoying vampires garlic bombs, which are actually composed of garlic. You should be in control of the throws' angle and force. In Vampires and Garlic, you have to utilize the garlic as a weapon to battle a pack of vampires. Doesn't that sound thrilling and difficult? When you participate in this enjoyable challenge, we are confident that controlling the angle and strength of your throws will astound you after just a few seconds. Be mindful of the amount of garlic that you put in your body. a variety of difficulties, including difficult terrain and things like crates, pulleys, and TNT straightforward point-and-click throwing mechanism tough levels in an interactive instruction Music and a fun Halloween theme.


- A wide range of challenges, including difficult terrain and items like boxes, pulleys, and TNT.

- Straightforward point-and-click throwing mechanism

- Interactive lesson

- 30 levels of difficulty

- Fun Halloween music and theme


Send out garlic bombs

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