The Last Man
The Last Man
The Last Man

The Last Man

The Last Man

The Last Man is an alien invasion survival horror game played from the top down. Gather all the tools and weapons you can along the journey. Can you find your way out of this terrifying cave? The question is, how long can you stay alive? I hope you enjoy this exciting action game.

How to play

As the protagonist, you find yourself in a terrifying game where you'll need to use every ounce of your skill to stay alive. Your primary objective is to escape the structure before you are captured by the monsters lurking within. Get your hands on as many weapons as you can to protect yourself and strike back at your foes. You have access to an extensive arsenal, from common knives to authentic handguns and beyond. As the game goes on, you'll want better ammunition. You should look for a way out of this terrible place as soon as you can. There are foes lurking around every corner; be ready for fierce encounters at any time. If you want to avoid being annihilated before your time, you'd better strike first. Take pleasure in the thrilling action of warfare and do your best to stay alive!


  • Weapons, ammo, doorways, and the location of foes are all produced at random.
  • Extremely dangerous monsters on three floors
  • There are three possible conclusions.
  • Tangled 3D worlds
  • There are ten weapons in total, ranging from a fighting knife to a sniper rifle.


Controls In order to navigate, use the WASD keys or the directional arrows. To fire, simply click the left mouse button. Pick up a weapon or item with a right click. A weapon swap at the click of a mouse Whenever you see the letter "R," it means you need to re T = ACTIVE/INACTIVE thermo vision goggles N = Active/Inactive Night vision glasses M = ACTIVATED / DEACTIVATED Use the left shift key and the space bar to run. P –> pausing

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