Tanuki Sunset
Tanuki Sunset
Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset

The raccoon hero of the video game Tanuki Sunset skateboards downward. If this game were to be categorized under the endless runner genre, it would be endless skater for all intents and purposes. Get good at navigating turns and performing skateboarding tricks to rack up points. Take control of the hippest raccoon over twisting roads towards the sunset to the tune of an awesome soundtrack.

How to play

Enjoy a leisurely ride downhill on your skateboard while dodging hazards and scoring points. A chance to spin a roulette wheel and win extra points will become available after your points meter is full. Learning to ride a longboard will allow you to cruise through breathtaking mountain scenery, weave through busy city streets, and cruise down the sandy shores of Sunset Island. Teach Tanuki to do amazing stunts, including diving off ramps and longboarding backwards.

Acquire Tanuki Bits to sustain Tanuki's energy and spend them at Bob's Skate Shop for better equipment. They'll need some fresh duds if Tanuki's going to be featured on the cover of FISH. I'm loaded and ready to longboard to the top of the rankings.


In order to go left or right, press A or D; press W or up to assume a fast stance; or press S or down to do a 180-degree slide.

Press the space bar to meander.

Pressing the ESC key will interrupt the current playback.

Key Features

A Vibrant and Vintage Style of Art with Relaxing Music

The Settings Are (For the Most Part) Simple to Use

In addition to the Amusement Park Feel (with a modern twist)

Seeing as how you're a racoon and you're longboarding, I'm at a loss for words.

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