Sweet Candy Halloween
Sweet Candy Halloween
Sweet Candy Halloween

Sweet Candy Halloween

Sweet Candy Halloween

An online puzzle game, Sweet Candy Halloween can be played any time of the year. What you have here is a classic match-three puzzle game, animated in the style of a Halloween-themed 2D cartoon. You are constantly under pressure to accomplish a time-sensitive objective involving the collection of a specific number of target objects. Do you have what it takes to enjoy Sweet Candy Halloween and finish all the levels?

How to play

Play this eerie but entertaining puzzle game by swiping and matching spooky Halloween-themed elements. Clear the board by lining up four or more identical things in a row, either horizontally or vertically. To cause some of the objects to explode, select the dynamite button. To unlock the next level, you must collect the required number of things. Such much sugar, so little time. Sweet Candy Halloween will test your mettle as a match-3 puzzle solver.

In each of the spooky, difficult levels of this match-3 game, you'll be tasked with accomplishing a certain objective. Do your best to quickly assemble the puzzle using the pieces shown at the top of the screen. It's possible that are some wickedly delectable popsicles, some very sweet pumpkins, or a few gummy eyeballs. Keeping the meter at the bottom of the screen below your progress bar is essential. Its primary function will be to monitor the remaining time.


  • Very nice, colorful pictures
  • Engaging and challenging match-3 gameplay that improves your magical prowess.


  • Put that mouse to work finding candies that are just like each other.
  • Left-click to move pieces around and find a good match.

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