Soccer Caps League
Soccer Caps League
Soccer Caps League

Soccer Caps League

Soccer Caps League

Soccer Caps League is played in more countries than any other event. Become a part of the action with us! Prove your abilities as an astute leader and navigator. Pick your favorite team and direct them to victory with strategic player management. It's your turn to lift the trophy of triumph. Enjoy yourselves!

How to play

Here we are at the worldwide World Cup of soccer caps/table games. The player gets to pick their squad and direct their teammates toward goals. Basically, any option in the list may be selected as the command. The color of the flags you control will determine how your pieces move. You can't play without a companion. You can activate the highlighted chip by clicking on it, and then you can use the arrow to move it. In the Soccer Caps League, this is the only way to score a goal. Now is your chance to prove yourself worthy of the champion's cup.


Entertaining and addicting soccer game.

Choose your preferred sports group.

Competing national teams


If you tap and hold the cap/player, you can alter the player's aim and shot strength with a finger swipe.

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