SmileyWorld Match
SmileyWorld Match
SmileyWorld Match

SmileyWorld Match

SmileyWorld Match

An insanity-inducing match-3 experience, SmileyWorld Match has an abundance of happy faces from every direction. Gather the entire basket of produce by matching three or more identical items. In order to advance to the next level of this happy puzzle game, you'll need to do several tasks. Play through the progressively difficult levels, get the super boosters, and find the hidden presents that this cheerful world has in store for you! Enjoy!

How to play SmileyWorld Match

You may win prizes in this online emoticon game by rearranging the smileys' starting positions. To make a move, you must move and slide the smileys so that at least three of them match. Put together a row of three or more identical objects to gather them. When you successfully match four or five smileys in a single move, you receive a super smiley with additional abilities. In this game, you may collect food items like fruit, fish, and nuts, as well as do chores like mow the lawn, by aligning the appropriate symbols. You may get rid of the blue blocks, snap the candy laces, and send the candies tumbling to the bottom of the screen. In order to become a legendary visitor, you must complete all levels with high scores and get three stars in each.

Key Features

  • The smiling people of Smileyworld are very adorable!
  • 500 intoxicatingly difficult stages.
  • Modular, unlockable powerups.
  • Good times for kids and adults alike.
  • Accessible through portable media players

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