Pop It! Tables
Pop It! Tables
Pop It! Tables

Pop It! Tables

Pop It! Tables

Pop It! Tables is a mathematical study game that will make learning fun. Is learning the multiplication table something you're interested in doing? Is memorization a challenge for you? Now, with the help of your preferred video game, it's a breeze. Let's have some fun with math right now.

How to play

Complete each section of the game before the clock runs out. Simply click on the toy bubbles to pop them till time runs out. Select the digits in the appropriate sequence to test your multiplication knowledge. Only you can determine the proper order by counting up from your current level. If you are on level 5, double that number by 5, and so on up to level 7. The timer is deducted when a bubble carrying an incorrect response is popped. Try to beat all 40 levels and earn maximum points!


  • The game can be played with a mouse or touch pad.
  • Highlights include: Vibrant, 2D graphics
  • Relaxing tunes and ambient noises from the game
  • Capacity for intuitive thought
  • Forty stages of challenging mathematical exercise
  • Pop-its are heading to the digital sphere!
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