Parkour Block Xmas Special
Parkour Block Xmas Special
Parkour Block Xmas Special

Parkour Block Xmas Special

Parkour Block Xmas Special

Parkour Block Xmas Special is a fun platform jumping game with a holiday twist that you have to try this Christmas holiday. You'll have a blast in the holiday-themed platformer Parkour Block Xmas Special. In which you attempt an impossible parkour to extend your reach as far as possible. Don't be knocked off the Christmas trees or you'll have to start all over again. How far can you go?

How to play

Enjoy the enchanted setting, but be aware of your surroundings and act accordingly. We need to get across this dangerous terrain. Get to the next checkpoint by using only your jumping, running, and climbing skills without ever touching the ground. To some, ringing in the New Year by completing a wacky obstacle course might sound completely out of the ordinary. In order to succeed, you'll need to navigate past a number of obstacles and display remarkable dexterity.


Use the arrow keys to move, and the WASD keys to strafe. You can use the Space bar to quickly switch between different screens. To activate the sprint mode, keep Shift pressed. You can navigate the environment by clicking the mouse. You can save progress by heading toward the red flags. If the player's character dies, they will reappear at one of these locations. You should know your surroundings. Normal snowfall poses no danger at all. However, ice is notoriously hazardous and tricky to walk on. Plan beforehand for the most perilous moves you can make in response to the threats you expect to encounter.


Interactive and surprisingly varied gameplay

Magnificent, endlessly expansive level

Multiple blocks, each with their own set of characteristics

Eye-catching graphics with a novel low-poly art style

A superbly crafted map


Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to navigate.

Jumping in space

Running with the L-Shift

When you press Esc twice, a menu will appear

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