Move the Blocks
Move the Blocks
Move the Blocks

Move the Blocks

Move the Blocks

Move the Blocks is the newest addictive game. A comical cube that your hero rejected will need your assistance to cross the world. Your character, who will be at the start of the route, will appear in front of you on the screen. You must get your hero reach the destination of your journey as soon as you can. A straightforward and compelling sliding block puzzle game is called "Move the Block: Slide Puzzle." Get three stars and a super crown by completing all the stages without using hints!

How to play

Your cube must gather points along the way to advance in this entertaining game. You must steer the cube's movement with the help of the control keys. It will occasionally change hue. You will receive points for this. Once you attain the goal, the level will be completed, and you can move on to the following challenge.

  • The red block needs to be moved closer to the exit.
  • Horizontal blocks are movable in all directions.
  • Blocks in the vertical plane can be moved up and down.


  • Numerous levels
  • Created a hint system to assist you in solving puzzles
  • Reset/Undo controls that will assist you in solving each puzzle
  • Delicate and fluid animation
  • Excellent audio effects
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