Memory Emoji
Memory Emoji
Memory Emoji

Memory Emoji

Memory Emoji

Memory Emoji is an entertaining memory puzzle game! To progress to the next challenge, complete the level by matching all of the emojis! Play and enjoy this new puzzle game for kids. Share this new game with your friends and have fun playing it. Memory Emoji is a terrific brain exercise and hobby!

How to play

Hello and welcome to Memory Emoji. The game is really simple to play. The tile must be slid all the way to the bottom. Before you reach the finish line, collect all of the coins and stars. This game contains eight levels of progressively increasing complexity. With this free printable emoji memory game, you may have fun while training your concentration and attention to detail.

The game consists of randomly placing pairs of emoji photos on the board and attempting to get a combination of two equivalent emojis. Use your memory to recall positions that have already been shown.

Put your skills to the test on the impossible difficulty. You only have a limited amount of time to get a combination of equal photographs at this degree of difficulty.

Three levels of difficulty. Three themes: emojis, famous structures and animals. More themes will be available soon.


Use the keyboard arrows to move the tiles in Neon Tile Rush.


Constructed with three controls: touch, PC, and (Mouse click)

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