Idiom Hunt
Idiom Hunt
Idiom Hunt

Idiom Hunt

Idiom Hunt

Idioms Hunt is a game that tests your knowledge of English idioms. While playing games, this will allow you to practice and enhance your English idioms.

An idiom is a common term or phrase that has a meaning that is distinct from its literal meaning but is understandable due to its widespread use.

If you're searching for a fun way to learn English idioms, this is the game for you. This game will make it simple for you to learn English idioms.


While avoiding risks, figure out the correct order of words as you search for idioms.

Help the Native Boy beat wild animals and dinosaurs in 20 seconds by answering english idioms correctly.

Learn idioms, memorize them while playing, keep track of your progress, and learn English idioms!

Try it for yourself by comparing your score to the top scorers and you'll soon be a master of English idioms!


  • 500 English idioms
  • Multiple Wild Animals and Dinosaurs.
  • Excellent 2D graphics.
  • Learn and Fun.
  • Free to play. Easy to play.
  • Ranking to beat all your friends!
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