Holiday Crossword
Holiday Crossword
Holiday Crossword

Holiday Crossword

Holiday Crossword

Welcome to Holiday Crossword, a fun little puzzle game that will put your detective abilities to the test. Crossword problems centered around the winter holidays may be solved by looking up towns, foods, celebrations, and gifts. Put your brain to the test by seeing if you can beat your previous best time on each puzzle.

How to play

The goal of each level is to uncover all of the hidden words and finish the puzzle. Play holiday-themed crosswords and test your knowledge of places, foods, events, and gifts. Players who enjoy word games such as Holiday Crossword, crosswords, and anagrams will enjoy this game of word hunting and spelling. To do so, click on a letter and then drag it to the next one. Try searching for extra words in addition to the standard ones. Spread your achievements far and wide, and dare your pals to beat you wherever you may be.


Infinite working space.

Simple interface for playing crosswords. Everyone, regardless of device, can enjoy the same crossword puzzle.

The choice of problem grid for response entry is straightforward.

Keyboard replacement software is available for touchscreen devices. To finish the problems, just type in your solutions.

Puzzles based on a database of questions and their solutions are produced at random.

An easygoing atmosphere that may be appreciated by everybody.


Crossword puzzles are a great way to learn about the world and improve your brain at the same time.

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