Halloween Hidden Objects
Halloween Hidden Objects
Halloween Hidden Objects

Halloween Hidden Objects

Halloween Hidden Objects

All the hallmarks of the best hidden-object games are there in Halloween Hidden Objects. In this eerie brain teaser, you must battle the ghosts. You have to find everything that's labeled on the left side of the screen. Accumulating as many points as possible is your only hope of forgiveness. Try to beat the timer and earn more points.

How to play

You're going to enter a terrifying realm where your spirit could be annihilated for all time. You have no choice but to carry on regardless of the outcomes. The goal of this spooky and enjoyable game is to locate all of the items within the allotted time. A board with various items appears on the right side of the screen as soon as the game begins. You'll use these to identify the object in the images. Take note of how much time is left, because once it's gone, that's it! In the event that you become stuck, a clue button will appear at the bottom of the game window. Now, I bid you good luck and enjoyable play. I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and have the most fun you can having exploring the scariest haunted home ever!


  • Multicolored 2D images
  • Numerous frightening stages to play through
  • Click the Hint button if you need help
  • Exciting and spooky game play for the Halloween season


You can play this game with a mouse or touch pad.

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