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Google Feud
Google Feud

Google Feud

Google Feud

Playing Google Feud where you have to do a Google search, may get very heated. As on the game show Family Feud, there are ten possible responses to each question. It is up to the player to guess what permutation of a given question is most frequently typed into search engines. Like to a quiz show, you get three chances to get the answer right.

How to play

To begin, pick one of four distinct categories. Terms from pop culture, everyday life, hot topic inquiries, and the names of famous persons all make an appearance. Try to predict how Google will finish each statement for you. If you score three times, you lose. Fantastically entertaining quiz show that mashes up elements of Family Feud and Google's autocomplete features. The key is to predict what people would want to hear rather than what is logically correct. With each new guess, the difficulty level rises. You will have to start again if you make three blunders in a row.


  • To begin, pick a game type from the menu.
  • There's a question in the search bar.
  • Put your response to the question here and hit the enter key.
  • What do you think? Each question has a 3-guess limit.


  • There are four main groups: Culture, People, Names, and Questions.
  • You'll get some laughs and some surprises from the various amusing and unusual responses to your inquiries.
  • Apart from the difficulty of successfully predicting the 10, the game itself is simple to play.
  • Including everyone in the household or social circle in this fun activity is highly recommended.