Get the Word!
Get the Word!
Get the Word!

Get the Word!

Get the Word!

In Get the Word! You need to keep your eyes peeled and do your best to identify words hidden in the chaos of the jumbled characters. This free puzzle word game will help you get your daily dose of mental challenge. Indulge in one of the most entertaining puzzles for as long as you like, thanks to the game's countless challenging levels. To what extent do you believe you are capable?

How to play

The goal of Get the Word! isn't drastically different from that of similar word scavenger hunts. You get six chances to figure out what the secret word is. Write down any word at all to get started. Letters will change color after each guess to show if they are part of the secret word. You may accomplish this by selecting a letter by clicking on it and then dragging the pointer over the other letters to construct a word.

There are other words hidden within those mentioned. It would be to your advantage to keep your eyes open for as many of them as possible so that you may get more points. In the event that you get stuck, you may always employ clues to uncover hidden letters. Each tip will provide you with a letter, but you won't receive an unlimited supply. If you're stuck, spend the money you've earned through leveling up to purchase a clue. Make an effort to beat as many levels as possible!


  • Hundreds of difficult levels to master
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Gameplay that is both engaging and engrossing
  • Animated gifs


Recognize the hidden word. The first word should be guessed. If you look at the color of the cells, you can get a clue.

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