Garden Tales 2
Garden Tales 2
Garden Tales 2

Garden Tales 2

Garden Tales 2

Time to get back to the garden! The much-anticipated sequel to the most cherished and enjoyable match-3 game in history is called Garden Tales 2! Garden Tales 2 transports you back to the enjoyable world of matching fruits with brand-new levels and extensive polishing. See if you can finish Garden Tales 2 by following their instructions!

How to play Garden Tales 2

To align rows of three, swap the locations of the fruits and flowers. The identical fruit will pop once you have correctly lined them up, making room for further garden plants to tumble to the ground. Boosters are useful for clearing substantial amounts. This time, you'll be entering the action right away by fulfilling various tasks assigned by the helpful gnomes. You can use these unique perks while you're stranded. With the gold coins you earn, purchase them.


Many tasks assigned by the amiable gnomes

Boosters that add strength to help with matching

To acquire extra upgrade boosters, earn money.

Explore a garden filled with fascinating surprises.


Reach the goals, finish the levels, and advance on the map. To earn all five stars, you must swap at least three items of the same type of food together using the mouse or touch controls. You can also obtain different boosters and power-ups if you match four or more pieces.

The upbeat music and vibrant images will help you discover peace and joy, whether you're looking to unwind after a long day at work or need something to help you forget your concerns. Enjoy the juicy goodness of Garden Tales 2 right away by playing it for free!

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