Fruits Memory
Fruits Memory
Fruits Memory

Fruits Memory

Fruits Memory

Fruits Memory Game for Kids is an easy, colorful, and entertaining memory game in which you may assist your children in matching pairs of fruits as they improve their memory.

A number of cards are placed upside down on a surface in this game. A fruit is depicted on each card. Your goal is to memorize the position of each fruit and match it with its corresponding partner in order to clear the board as quickly as possible.



To flip a fruit item, click the cards. Make a mental note of their positions and pair them up. To complete the level, you must match all of the cards on the board. Each level has a different symbol and is more difficult than the previous one, and you only have a limited amount of time to complete them. It's time to put your memory to the test. What is the highest level you can play? With this entertaining and informative puzzle game, you may test and enhance your memory.

While playing this Fruits Vocabulary ESL, EFL Memory Game, you will be learning Fruits Vocabulary. Orange, apple, peach, pear, strawberry, mango, and more words to practice. This is a fantastic game for learning new words. Teachers and ESL/EFL students can use it to practice these words or revise English vocabulary. You can practice spelling, reading, listening and word recognition with this memory fun game as it has audio, images and text. This game will appeal to students in preschool through second grade who enjoy learning new words while having fun.



  • Support 2 play modes: Free Play (no time limit) and Timed Play (each level has a maximum time limit, so you must play quickly)
  • Support 10 levels of difficulty to unlock the full potential of your memory skills
  • Support High Scores
  • Support Sound and Music
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