Drop n Merge Blocks
Drop n Merge Blocks
Drop n Merge Blocks

Drop n Merge Blocks

Drop n Merge Blocks

Drop n Merge Blocks is a new type of game similar to 2048. Simply drop a block, and it will combine with any nearby identical numbers. If you're good enough, it can start a chain reaction. How many bricks can you connect and how high can you score before you lose?



2048 is a famous and enjoyable brain game. It helps you think and challenges your mind. You must drop a block, and it will immediately merge with any surrounding identical numbers.

2048 is an extremely addicting number merge problem. Show us how good you are in comparison to other puzzlers.

If it's too difficult, try your next number! You can play this easily if you're used to block puzzles!!



 - The game will notify you of the next number of puzzle blocks.

- It Takes up your time but makes you smarter and improves your lateral thinking.

- When you drop blocks, a vibration system is activated.

- Graphic style is simple and modern - This is not a wifi game! Play either offline or online.

If it's too difficult, look at your next number block! It is the original number merging puzzle that is simple to play!!

Play Drop n Merge Blocks and put your thinking to the test!

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