Bubble Shooter HD
Bubble Shooter HD
Bubble Shooter HD

Bubble Shooter HD

Bubble Shooter HD

You must pop the vividly colored spheres in the bubbles game Bubble Shooter HD. Clear the rainbow beads by combining three or more of the similar ones. To explode the bubbles, shoot them and try to match three or more of the same hue. How much longer will you live?

How to play

You receive a foul each time you fail to pop bubbles. Make sure to consider your shot before shooting because if you commit enough fouls, the game will punish you by adding an extra row of bubbles. Aim your bubble and shoot it at a space where bubbles of the same color are present in this bubble shooter game. To pop a bubble, match 3 or more of them. The bubbles will stick to whichever other bubbles they touch first, but you can avoid obstacles by bouncing them off the walls.

You can see a bubble with text in the middle at the bottom of the screen. The bubble that is now in the cannon is this one. One more colored bubble is visible beneath it, to the left of five or more grey ones. The next bubble to be loaded into the cannon is the colorful one.

Your final "fouls" are the gray orbs. You will receive a foul if you miss, which is defined as any shot that does not create a bubble combination large enough to pop. It will pop one of the gray bubbles. A new row of bubbles will drive everything downward in the direction of the cannon if all gray bubbles have been popped. You'll be eliminated from the game if the bubbles descend too far.

Game modes

In Bubble Shooter HD, there are three game modes available. Novice, Expert, and Master are these. The novice mode is the simplest and offers aim guidance that displays the location of the bubble's landing. However, in Expert and Master mode, you are expected to predict the location of the bubbles on your own.

Tips and Tricks

  • Give it some time. There is no timeframe, allowing you to unwind and plan your actions. You might be able to shoot your bubble in more than one location, after all.
  • First, focus on regions with a lot of matching bubbles.
  • One or two bubbles of the same color can support some bubble blocks. With just one or two shots, you can destroy a sizable block of bubbles if you aim at them!
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