Break Your Brain
Break Your Brain
Break Your Brain

Break Your Brain

Break Your Brain

Break Your Brain is a game for training your brain and sharpening your wit. This unique mental challenge defies the norms of conventional tests and puzzle quizzes. You may prove how smart you are by coming up with creative solutions to unusual problems. Select the correct option to unlock the next area and continue playing.

How to play

Check the screen for a clue as to how to proceed after answering the first question. Even more so on this particular exam, the first response that pops into your head is not necessarily the correct one. Instead, you should try clicking on the question and shifting the pieces around to see if that helps. Get creative with your responses to the questions, and don't be afraid to go for the most outlandish possibilities. There will be more work to do, and more time will be needed to do it as the difficulty grows. In addition, you may acquire free cheats to help you advance to the next level.


To succeed in the game, you'll need to analyse the situation, take inventory of the level's assets, and come up with a plan. Use taps and swipes to interact with the various UI components on a mobile device. On a personal computer, you can manipulate things by pointing and left-clicking.


  • Amusing queries with original solutions
  • Photos with lots of vivid colour
  • Training one's mind to think more logically
  • Great entertainment for kids and adults alike.
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