Bob The Robber
Bob The Robber
Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber

In Bob the Robber, you take control of Bob, a robber, in a platforming adventure. Use your skills in lock-picking and burglary to steal from the well-off and donate to the destitute. The goal is to stealthily go through each level, acquiring rewards along the way.

How to play

Keep a low profile as you stealthily go through each stage. Keep your calm among the cameras, and don't draw attention from the guards unless you want trouble. You'll need to use stealth and cunning on your heisting journey, as you'll encounter guards that won't take no for an answer, hidden valuables, and more. Getting caught will result in game over.

If you want to avoid being caught on camera, you should try to blend into the background, hide in a stairway or hurry up and down until you are precisely below the lens. You can attack guards (carefully timing your strikes), disable lasers to stay undetected, open doors with a lock pick, and steal as much as possible.


- Includes five levels of difficulty

- Hard tasks to solve Varieties of enemies to defeat

- Don't get caught sneaking around

- Buying cutting-edge technology makes tasks like trumping more simpler.

- Explore the many unique attractions found on this island.

The thrilling heists that Bob will go on in the future are yet to come. Looking forward to seeing Bob's next misadventure! Have a good time on the playground!

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