Battle Soccer Arena
Battle Soccer Arena
Battle Soccer Arena

Battle Soccer Arena

Battle Soccer Arena

In Battle Soccer Arena, a thrilling sports fighting game, you take control of a player and guide him or her toward the goal. Pick a side and battle it out against computer-controlled rivals with various weapons and munitions. Get a better rating to win. Get on the field right this second and kick the crap out of your opponents in this one-on-one soccer game. Soak up the good times.

How to play

Players take on the role of national teams in three-on-three football matches. The great game of football has never looked better than in this breathtaking green pitch. Before you begin the game, you'll have the chance to choose the national football team that you'll be rooting for. Thereafter, you'll need to exert command over your squad if you want to win. The victor is determined by who scores most goals. The next round of matches must begin within the next 60 seconds. Please note the time constraints. Additionally, there is no goalkeeper.

Gameplay may be experienced in a 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 setting. Play with human opponents or the AI.


  • Qualities of the Battle Soccer Dome
  • Fight it out amongst teams from all around the world in an exciting soccer match!
  • There is a time constraint
  • There are two play styles in this game.

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