Astrology Word Finder
Astrology Word Finder
Astrology Word Finder

Astrology Word Finder

Astrology Word Finder

Game enthusiasts will enjoy the Astrology Word Finder. It is a free, online arcade game that can be played in any web browser. What is your word recognition speed?

How to play

To complete this activity, please use your mouse to highlight the appropriate words and then drag them into the appropriate boxes. Forward highlighting, vertical highlighting, and reverse highlighting are all possible. Some of the topics covered are the constellations, the planets, the astrological symbols used in Chinese horoscopes, the various units of measurement, and of course, the most well-known astrologers. The words can be highlighted by clicking and dragging the mouse. Words can be highlighted in a horizontal, vertical, or even backward direction. Words related to astrology, astronomy, mathematics, and popular astrologers are included in this lexicon.


  • Entertaining astrological motif
  • There are three tiers of challenge (Easy, Medium, and Hard). 
  • Learn new astrological terms. 
  • Replay value is through the roof.


A game of spot the astrology words

If you're looking for a comparable but different word puzzle game that will test your patience, I recommend Wordle Stack 3D!

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