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Apple Shooter
Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter

Play Apple Shooter, an HTML5 archery game that will put your abilities as an Indian warrior to the test. The great archery champion Wilhelm Tell was undoubtedly an inspiration for this online shooting game. Many rounds of archery are included in the game. You're aiming for your pal's noggin in an effort to knock an apple off his or her head. With each new accomplishment, you will be further away. Throw an apple at it as you get farther and farther away from it in each successive level to challenge yourself.But watch out - if you accidentally kill a teammate, the game is over.

How to play

Apple Shooter is a hilarious archery game in which players compete to knock their friend's apple off his or her head. The following shot will be somewhat more difficult since the target will be shifted backwards with each level. Make sure your bowstring is at the appropriate tension, shoot upward, and cross your fingers. In the more difficult stages, you'll want to take your time and progress cautiously.

It's okay if you miss the apple and strike your friend instead. But you have to start again if you shoot the arrow over his head and into the wall. Stay attentive and shoot carefully so as not to terribly injure him.

The Controls

Please use the mouse to aim.

To adjust the force of your shots, LEFT-CLICK and HOLD.

Use your LEFT mouse button to release an arrow.

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